Minty fresh breath. Dazzling white smile. Those are not just a dream but are now quite possible. Enhance your look when you brighten your smile with Zupey Toothpaste.

Designed to remove up to 80% of surface stains with an enamel-safe whitening formula. For a whiter smile, stronger teeth and gums and fresher breath, try Zupey] Toothpaste.

Discover your smile’s full potential when you take advantage of the magnificent benefits of [NAME] Toothpaste. Use it twice a day for maximum results. It's just what you need for the perfect oral care routine. It’s never been easier to unveil your brighter smile to the world.

A deep clean for stronger gums

Introducing the new deep gum cleansing properties. Created after years of research by top scientists, it’s been specially formulated to target the millions of bad particles around the gum line.

The gum deep clean uses a cooling activated foam to help penetrate hard to reach places, finding and neutralizing harmful plaque particles around the gum line for well taken care of gums.

Why Zupey:

Zupey toothpaste has a fresh mint flavor for long-lasting freshness to protect from bad breath.The natural formula also soothes the nerves. With regular use, it provides sensitivity relief and removes surface stains to help keep teeth whiter and brighter. NAME protects teeth from the effects of different foods and drinks, so you no longer have to stay away from what you love.


Zupey is the right product to repair teeth surface while whitening them. With twice daily brushing, it delivers minerals deep into the tooth surface, actively strengthening and hardening it, while also protecting teeth. Thanks to the absence of irritating or harsh ingredients, the product is extremely suitable for long-term use.


Our product combines unique ingredients and effects in the field of dental hygiene. This creates deep and effective care. Zupey offers solutions for teeth whitening as well as affected gums. Thanks to its special composition, it focuses directly on the main causes of the discomfort you have.


Coconut oil - moisturize and cleanse naturally
Myrrh extract - calms irritation and discomfort
Peppermint oil - boosts oral hygiene and reduces plaque
Cinnamon oil - keeps your breath fresh, calms toothache